Vision & Mission


"Vidyawardhini Arts, Commerce & Science College is a family Where we are comitted to create Excellence qualitive education, overall personality development & Social & Moral awarness Aming at progressive Citizens in the society with the available resources"


VidyaWardhini Arts, Commerce and Science College is a family, where we are committed to create excellence through qualitative education, overall personality development and social and moral awareness aiming at progressive citizens in the society with available resources.”


  1. To impart to the younger generation of our country efficient, pre-primary, primary, secondary and college education, embodying a Literacy, Scientific, Legal, Social, Technical, Commercial and Industrial Training and the Training of  teachers in any or all the stages by the establishment at Dhule (and at other places in the Districts of Dhule and Jalgaon as and when circumstances permit, of pre-primary, primary and High Schools, colleges and other institutions).
  2. To encourage Marathi literature.
  3. To encourage and facilitate the study of educational problems and to carry educational propaganda. 
  4. To try to raise the status and dignity of the teaching profession.
  5. To encourage Emotional Integration, National Unity and Cultural homogeneity.
  6. To do such other things as are conducive to the realization of the aforesaid aims and objects of the Sahba.