About Management Council

Governing Council:-

The Governing Council shall b constituted of:-

  1. Eight representatives of Patrons
  2. One nominee of the donner
  3. Three representatives of the Teachers
  4. Secretary of the Sabha – “Ex-official Secretary”
  5. The Principal – Ex –Officio Joint Secretary
  6. Three members to be co-opted.

The Governing council shall have the power to control all activities related to the college development and shall meet at least once in two months. The Chairman shall preside over the meeting of the Governing Council and Secretary of the Governing Council, call meetings, issue circulars correspond on behalf of the Governing Council.

The Institution aimed at raising and maintaining the dignity of the teaching profession. It wanted the maximum participation of teachers in managing the affairs of the college. Principal who is the joint Secretary of the Governing Council and actively participate in the transactions of the meetings. Board of Teachers are supervising and guiding the day to day running of the college. It has also the powers to recommend to the Governing Council, appointment of teaching and non-teaching staff. The founders believed in a very high quality of education and knowing fully well that it was not enough that the doors of education and open to all who wish to be educated.