Resource Centre for Diffently Abled (Blid)


Resource Center for Differently Abled. (Blind)
North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon has allotted the centre at our college in 2009. The inauguration of the Centre was held on 17 July 2009 at the worthy hands of then Vice Chancellor Dr. K. B, Patil, Dr. Dhananjay Bhole, Dr. Ravindra Nandedkar and Prof. Vilas Chavan. Dr. Mohan Tiwari, President of NAB, members of GC of VWS College and Principal Dr. K. K. Potdar were the chief guest of the programme. 
The institution has established this center especially for the visually disabled students to deal with their specific problems. The aim of this center is to promote, protect and ensure fundamental right of education and provide equal opportunities. The very goal of our institution is to make these students competent to stand firmly in the competitive world by establishing a separate unit with well-equipped resourceful class. The center helps to develop their personality talents and creativity to their fullest potential for bringing them in the normal stream and make them productive citizen of the country.
The institution makes available the trainers by providing the facility of training at the reputed institutions those prominently do research on these visually disabled people & students. These trained persons share their knowledge with the students of this center. The Centre provides various kinds of facilities for the blind students by the college.  They are charged Rs. 100 as the admission fee for both UG and PG level. They are guided by our faculties. The Centre has 3 computers with internet and relevant software providing the information for them. Along with academic matters, their extra-curricular activities also are concentrated and they are motivated to participate in singing, elocution, debate and other competitions.
The institution organizes some lectures of the subject teachers of their selected subjects. The subjects are taught in the center by these teachers twice in the month. The institution pays special attention towards these students in relation to admission process, examination and communication with subject teachers. It also creates awareness about their job opportunities. We also encourage them to take participation in various academic social and cultural activities like debating, NSS and the programs under Arts circle of the college. Because of such activities some of the students have become good debaters and singers.
Our efforts resulted in making them confident, independent like the normal students reflect the success at the certain extent. They have also successfully completed their graduation course.
Facilities –
            We give them admissions charging a very nominal fee of Rs. 100/- only. Along with their regular classes the center in which the subject teachers guide and give counseling them.
Computer Lab
Well-equipped lab with advance computer systems net connectivity loaded with screen reader and talking software.

  1. Audio Book Library – The center has maintained audio book library including the fields of arts, commerce, law and competitive examinations. These books are used by these students regularly.
  2. Office- An office is established for keeping all the records of the students record of visitors all activities and financial affairs, etc.   

Programmes organized by the Centre

  1. One day workshop was organized on the inauguration day 17July 2009.
  2. A lecture of Dr. Wani Sahasrabuddhe, Director of Third Eye Associate, Nasik was organized on 24 June 2010.
  3. A special lecture of Miss B. D. Patel was organized to provide the ‘knowledge of Computer Skills’ by using JAWS software.
  4. The meritorious students of MA Gorakh R. Mahale and Rajendra P. Sonawane were felicitated by NAB, Maharashtra on 31 December 2010.